About You

Clients and Purchasers of Life Insurance- Our clients engage with us because they are looking for the most efficient way to purchase a life insurance death benefit on a guaranteed basis. This may include term insurance buyers with a focus on maintaining a guaranteed death benefit for a limited period of time.(1-40 years) They may also seek a lifetime guaranteed death benefit to protect an estate, pay taxes at death, or provide for a beneficiary, charity or corporation. Clients also work with us when they have an impairment of some type. This may include minor to major medical conditions; tobacco, alcohol and/or drug use, avocation concerns, aviation(private/professional/military), travel issues, foreign residency, foreign nationals and resident aliens.


Banks, Trust Officers and Trustees- Trustees and other managers of life insurance policies have a very difficult job when it comes to life insurance. Selecting and then managing the “right” policy can be very difficult, with all of the creative products and features offered by hundreds of life insurance companies. Our Trustee clients demand guarantees and a straightforward approach, along with a healthy dose of skepticism of the life insurance industry. Over the years, they have experienced many carrier challenges and changes. These issues have created a myriad of problems, from obtaining accurate and predictable illustrations and policies, to keeping up with the many changes within existing products. Life Insurance Nerds seeks to procure the most guaranteed, efficient and straightforward products available, with an aversion to moving parts within these policies.


Financial Advisors- Life Insurance Nerds focuses on guaranteed life insurance. We are not an investment advisor. We do not manage money. RIA’s, CFP’s, and other financial advisors refer their clients to work with us to secure exactly what a discerning and risk averse client requires- guaranteed death benefits, efficiency and a deep understanding of life insurance products and underwriting.


Legal Counsel- Attorneys and Law Firms work with us to assess existing life insurance and procure life insurance where the client is ultimately requiring a death benefit to be paid upon the death of their client, whenever that may be. While we have extensive knowledge and experience with different legal techniques and strategies, we let legal counsel do their job. They rely on Life Insurance Nerds to find the right tool for the job, whether that is a term insurance policy or another guaranteed policy that will last for the insured’s lifetime.


Family Offices- The management of a Family Office(FO) is very complicated and demanding. Whether the FO is a Single Family Office or a Multi-Family Office, they have many opportunities to plan and execute the desires of the families that they serve. Life Insurance Nerds is a company focused on discretely obtaining life insurance for the UHNW. Reinsurance, underwriting rules and limits, and other carrier concerns need experienced and knowledgeable experts to maneuver through the process of obtaining coverage. The FO’s that engage Life Insurance Nerds require straightforward, measured, and efficient products where guarantees are essential.


Businesses and Business Owners- Businesses often have a need to insure owners or other key people within the corporation. They choose to work with Life Insurance Nerds because we focus on quality term insurance or permanent products that offer guaranteed death benefits that may last a lifetime (to age 120 and beyond), or any guaranteed period required.


Tax and Accounting Counsel- We enjoy working with CPA’s. They typically have a very skeptical view of the life insurance industry and they should. They have witnessed, first hand, the terrible misfortunes of clients who have purchased life insurance in the past, only to be disappointed with the results, due to changes in dividends, interest rates, mortality charges, fees and loads, or other unforeseen problems. As they ultimately realize when working with Life Insurance Nerds, there are no disappointments- only a straightforward and equally skeptical outlook of the life insurance industry. We focus on providing guaranteed life insurance products that are measurable and efficient.